Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Units

So your home and garage is full and you need a storage facility to store your important possessions. In order to protect your belongings, you need to store it in a mild environment that is similar to your home. Climate controlled storage units may cost only a little more than regular storage, but there are many advantages that you need to consider.

Protection from climate and contaminants: Humidity and extreme temperatures are the leading causes of damage to valuables in storage units. A climate controlled storage unit will be set at a fixed temperature and humidity level, thus protecting items such as wood furniture, musical instruments and pictures. Climate controlled storage facilities help protect your belongings from bacteria, dust mites, mildew and mold.

Protection from vermin and pests: As our climate controlled self storage is indoors, your possessions are protected from insects such as termites, bees and wasps that could break down wood or build nests. A climate controlled storage facility also helps keep out rats, squirrels and raccoons.

Protection from elements: With a climate controlled storage unit, your important possessions are protected from the sun, snow and rain. All three can have considerable effects on fragile items such as musical instruments, antiques, paper items, electronics and clothing.

A peace of mind: Our indoor air conditioned storage units can not only protect your belongings from damage, they also have galvanized steel walls that offer strong protection, on-site managers that ensure facility-wide security and controlled access with a keypad. Keeping your old antiques and family prized possessions in a climate controlled storage unit offers you a peace of mind.

Take Advantage of our Air Conditioned Storage Units

Our storage unit facilities use indirect heating and cooling systems to maintain air temperature and humidity levels. The various security features we have include electronically controlled tenant entrances that allow you to enter the climate controlled storage facility with a code.

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