College Student Storage in Oregon

We can’t deny it anymore—cold weather has set in, and it’s time to retire our bikes, water skis and surfboards for the season. But for those of you now at college, you might find your dorm rooms to be just a tad small for all your summer toys. That’s why it’s a great idea to invest in college student storage this year!

A few of our five locations has a college nearby, and we love working with the students that need Oregon storage. This is the best time of year to start using student storage, so you don’t have to deal with cramped dorm rooms and difficult roommate situations. Keep your stuff close by, but get it out of your way!

Student Storage at SOUAshland College Storage

Our Ashland storage units are located conveniently close to the Southern Oregon University campus—only a five minute drive away. If you’re attending SOU this year, get the storage you need at Secure Storage Ashland.

Storage for COCC StudentsBend College Student Storage

For those of you attending Central Oregon Community College for the 2012-2013 season, consider our Secure Storage units on the north side of Bend! We’re less than four miles from the COCC campus, and have a wide variety of storage units available.

College Storage for CGCC studentsHood River Student Storage

About a mile from the Columbia Gorge Community College are our Hood River storage units! Get your summer items out of the way by renting one of our units—anywhere from 5×10 to 10×30.

Keep in mind that we have a free move-in truck you can use to bring your stuff over to our storage units—that should remove any hassle you may have in the moving process! We also offer long term discounts and will pro-rate your rent the months you move in and out—so it fits with your busy college schedule. Get in touch with our storage unit managers today!

How Accessible are our Storage Units?

If you ask a person why they rent a storage unit, the usual answer is to reduce clutter in their home, or keep special items safe during the months that they don’t use them. But no matter what the answer is, it can always be summed up like this: people rent storage units because they want to make their life easier.

So when you’re shopping for a storage unit, keep that in mind. Before looking at prices, look at accessibility. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before renting a storage unit:

  • What are the hours of operation? Are you going to be locked out when you need to access your unit?
  • Is a manager on hand? If someone isn’t there to let you in after hours, you could be in trouble!
  • How accessible is each unit? Are you going to be able to drive your car right up, for easy unpacking? Nobody wants to unload their stuff into an elevator and then unload it again to get to their unit! You will find all of our Secure Storage units on ground level for easy loading and unloading.
  • Is it open every day of the week? If you leave something in your unit, you need to be able to access it no matter what day it is!
  • What amenities do they offer? Do they have free move-in trucks for newcomers?
  • How easy is it to open the doors of your storage unit? Is it going to be a struggle each time you need to take something out? Will you hurt your back or neck while trying to lift the door?

Benefits of Accessible Storage Units

They may not be the usual questions a potential renter would ask, but they’re the questions that need to be asked! If your storage unit isn’t easily accessible, there is no point in renting.

Thankfully, each of our Secure Storage locations is accessible, and we’re ready to make your life a little easier. Visit one of our locations in Redmond, Hood River, Hillsboro, Bend or Ashland today, and see how easy renting a storage unit can really be.

Utilizing Winter Storage in Oregon

Now that winter has hit Oregon, people are starting to fret about leaving their vehicles outside. The harsh weather conditions can wear on the paint; the time it takes to warm it up extends; and the life of your vehicle’s battery can diminish the more it’s left outside. These kinds of problems can be fixed by utilizing a winter storage unit.

With all the things that we Oregonians collect over the years, it’s no wonder that we’re not able to keep our cars in the garage or in storage units. However, when the temperature goes below freezing, it’s possible that your vehicle could get hurt by the conditions—a possibility that can be easily avoided by utilizing winter storage.

This option that we offer at Secure Storage will protect your car in the long run, and save the time and money it takes to winterize your vehicle! Rent a mini storage unit at one of our five Secure Storage locations, and keep your summer items with us, so your car can have the garage.

Winter Storage Units Available

Our 5×10 storage unit (offered at each of our 5 storage facilities in Oregon) is the perfect size to Winter Storage Unit Oregonhold your lawn mower, motorcycle, bikes, children’s play things and other outdoor equipment thatyou don’t use in the winter. This winter storage can help you with organization, as well as protect your vehicles.

For winter storage around Oregon, call Secure Storage first. Protect your belongings by utilizing our winter storage during the cold months.

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